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Award ceremony


On the evening of November 19, 2021, Yuanxiang New Materials Co., Ltd. held an award ceremony for the education scholarship for employees' children and the 15th anniversary celebration in the employee activity center. Company leaders and employees participated in the event together.

The award ceremony kicked off with the passionate singing of Chairman Wang Chenghui. The first is the education scholarship for employees' children. This year, a total of 18 employees' children received awards, including 3 employees' children who won the second-class scholarship, 7 employees' children who won the third-class scholarship, and 8 employees' children who won the encouragement award scholarship. At the award ceremony, Chairman Wang Chenghui encouraged the students not only to study hard, but also to love the country and the party, be grateful and be filial to their parents. The representatives of the children of the award-winning employees specially recorded VCR to express their sincere thanks to the company, and said that they will turn this award into an inexhaustible driving force in the future to complete a new journey.


Afterwards, the 15th anniversary series of activities and competitions were awarded. The company, through singing competitions, essay writing, photography, fun games and other activities, has drawn the distance between employees and created an active and tense working atmosphere, which has enhanced employees' cohesion and sense of belonging. Everyone used vigorous enthusiasm, beautiful singing, vivid words... to express their sincere feelings for the company's 15th anniversary. During the award ceremony, everyone reviewed the highlights of the 15th anniversary series of activities through VCR, and shared the award-winning works of the essay.


Finally, Yuanxiang's family sang "Tomorrow Will Be Better" in unison, singing the tomorrow we love in our hearts. The awards ceremony ended successfully with cheerful singing.

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