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Show passion with sports and show strength with team


In order to create a positive cultural life atmosphere for employees, enhance employees' team awareness and enhance cohesion, the company held a series of activities for the 15th anniversary of the company on October 23, 2021 - the first employee fun sports meeting. After the announcement of the event publicity notice, all departments showed strong interest and actively formed teams to participate in the competition. There were 5 phalanx teams formed by the combination of various departments and work sections. Nearly 150 people directly participated in the event project and enjoyed a game together. A fun and joyous event.

The Games will set up 7 competitions: "Staying Together", "Working Together", "Stability in All Conditions", "Kangaroo Transporting Melons", "Two Three-legged", "Ten Fingers Concentric", and "Buck on the Back". On the field, each competition is a competition of intelligence and physical strength, and it is a competition of unity and cooperation. All teams improvise. In the early stage of the competition, the team members did not fully grasp the competition skills. Some people shouted and cheered, and some people summed up the experience of others. , there are those who step up their practice, and there are those who laugh with their belly. The scene is very lively, leaving countless highlights and wonderful moments that make people memorable.

This fun sports meeting not only enhances the friendship between employees, but also enhances the spirit of unity and cooperation among employees. It is a win-win activity for physical exercise and emotional sublimation. By holding such activities, the employees relieved their work pressure, released their passion for work, and perfectly integrated team spirit and physical exercise, fully demonstrating the unity, progress, civilization and harmony of Yuanxiang.

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