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The "Voice of Yuanxiang" singing competition of the company's 15th anniversary celebration series


In order to create a strong atmosphere of high-spirited, harmonious and progressive, and to condense the positive energy of enterprise development, on the evening of October 14, the company's 15th anniversary celebration series - the first "Voice of Yuanxiang" singing competition kicked off in the company's employee activity center.

17 employees from various departments of the company came on stage to sing, presenting an artistic feast for the majority of employees. Wang Fangke, vice chairman of the company, Nie Zhiming, secretary of the board of directors, Qiu Tangfu, chief financial officer, Fang Yi, deputy director of the production department, Hu Fei, manager of the quality control department, and Chen Zhixiong, deputy manager of the safety and environmental protection department, attended and served as judges of this competition.

During the competition, all participating singers were full of energy, passion, and sang loudly. When the popular songs such as "Chinese Kung Fu", "Spring in the North" and "I Am a Little Bird" sounded at the scene, when the beautiful and loud songs permeated the scene, the audience was infected. They received warm applause from time to time.

The successful holding of this singing competition not only expresses the love of the employees to create a good atmosphere for promoting the development of corporate culture, but also enriches the cultural life of the employees and enhances the cohesion of the workforce.

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