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The company organizes employees to watch patriotic education videos


The company organizes employees to watch patriotic education videos

In order to deepen the construction of corporate spiritual civilization, strengthen the ideals and beliefs of all employees, and stimulate the enthusiasm of all employees to love the motherland and their jobs, the company organized all employees to watch the film "Warrior" on the theme of the Long March in the employee activity center on the evening of July 13. Under a double feast of sight and hearing, everyone shared and learned the spirit of the Long March!

"Warrior" is based on the heroic historical facts of the Red Army's Long March crossing the Dadu River and flying over the Luding Bridge as the prototype, showing the extraordinary experience of the warriors in the siege, pursuit and interception of the enemy, challenging the barrier of life and death. The ups and downs of the storyline and the vivid and vivid characters brought tears to everyone's eyes again and again, and were deeply shocked by the spirit of the Chinese heroes and sons and daughters who were not afraid of sacrifice in order to resist the Kuomintang's pursuit and interception and save the nation from peril.

After watching the movie, the company's chairman Wang Chenghui shared with all the staff the impression of "Warrior" from the salesmen of the marketing department. Everyone said that watching "Warrior" is a spiritual baptism and a soul-touching. In the future work and life, we must better inherit and carry forward the spirit of the Long March, be based on one's own duties, work steadfastly, overcome difficulties, and move forward bravely for the future. Xiang's sustainable development makes greater contributions.

This is an education and baptism of patriotism, paying tribute to those revolutionary martyrs who shed their heads and blood for the motherland!

Remember the history and cherish the present! !

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