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Yuanxiang was awarded "Provincial Enterprise Technology Center" and "Credit Model Enterprise"


On November 1, 2017, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Administrative Measures for the Accreditation of Enterprise Technology Centers in Fujian Province" (Min Jingxin Technology [2017] No. 164), after expert review and on-site inspection, and through the study of the Provincial Economic and Information Commission Office Meeting, confirmed The Technology Center of Fujian Yuanxiang New Materials Co., Ltd. is the 21st batch of provincial-level enterprise technology centers in Fujian Province. In line with the tenet that establishing an enterprise technology center is an important measure to enhance the enterprise's independent innovation ability, the company strives to improve its own enterprise technology innovation ability and core competitiveness.



On the morning of November 16, Yuanxiang Company was selected as the credit enterprise of the first ecological credit industrial park in Shaowu City. The city leaders invited the leaders of the enterprises to come to power, announced the list of enterprises that have been selected as credit demonstration enterprises, and commended the selected credit demonstration enterprises. Deputy Mayor Tan Shulong and Nanping City People's Bank Deputy President Chen Qingyuan awarded licenses to 9 companies including Yuanxiang New Materials and Du's Enterprises that were awarded "Credit Model Enterprises".

By carrying out the selection activities of "credit demonstration enterprises", establish a model of corporate integrity, encourage and promote corporate integrity management in accordance with the law, improve credit awareness, strengthen credit management, reshape credit image, and create a good environment for Shaowu to "catch up with development and create greater glories". credit environment.

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